ADP220 Polarimeter

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Graphical measuring

Baud rate 9600, no parity, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits. No version command. The cable is a standard null-modem cable.

The command CR (ASCII 13) will initiate a reading and return a string to the pc. The string contains information about reading / scale, status, temperature / scale and optical density.

Reading / scale



Optical density

xxx.xx / a: default scale


xx.x C


xxx.xx / a+: other scale


xx.x F


xxx.xx / ax: factor not 1




xxx.xx / z: sugar scale




An example: 33,57 aq Ok 25,0 C 0.0

ADP220 also displays the temperature compensation:

nc:  no compensation, qc: quartz, sc: sugar, uc: user defined.

And the probe for temperature compensation:

c: chamber (internal probe), s: sample (sample temperature probe).

Temperature compensation and probe are not transmitted to the computer!


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