A&D balances

There are more types of balances from A&D. New drivers to EK and EW series October 2004.

HF series

Menu in Datalyse:

Graphical measurement

Baud rate 2400, even parity, 1 stop, 7 data bits.

No version command. The cable is standard.

The A&D balance is setup for communication with a pc from the factory. When the device is connected in Datalyse, a measuring is made. This way you can see whether the connection to the balance works. Datalyse will write something like »ST,+00062.45 g«

In the menu »Measure (t, f(t))« you can choose between:

Fast weighing: (command SI)
Stable weighing: (command S)

In the first case, the balance will send the result immediately, and in the second case, the balance will not send any data until the result is stable.

When the menu topic is closed, a measuring is made. If the balance for instance displays 62.45 g, Datalyse will write the data to the table using 2 decimals and write »m/g« on the y-axis in the coordinate system.

Datalyse converts the text from the balance by removing all non-numeric characters, e.g. »ST,+00062.45 g« becomes »62.45«.

Datalyse is capable of communicating with the balance if the selected unit is:

g, mg, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, mom, GN, g¯,

but not if it is

psc or %

EK and EW series

These balances have only one command (Q). There is no version command. The cable is female-female, but a standard cable can be uses in connection with a gender changer

Otherwise se above

A&D Instruments is with 20% of the market the largest balance manufacturer worldwide.

European headquarters:

A&D Instruments
Abingdon, Oxford OX14 3YS UK
Tel: + 44(0)1235 550420
web: www.andweighing.com