Brymen 202 multimeter

New driver April 2005

Menu in Datalyse

Graphical measurement

Baud rate 2400, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits.

The cable is isolated optically and comes with the device.

BM202 has no commands, but sends about 3 times a second a packet of 14 bytes to the pc automatically. Datalyse uses the packet to calculate a measuring (and a unit). At measure (t, f(t)), Datalyse normally uses the time, at which the command is send to the device. Since this is not possible with BM202, Datalyse uses the time, at which the measuring the received. When measuring on two or more devices, this gives a small inaccuracy.

BM202 has autorange and is capable of measuring voltage, resistance, current, frequency, capacitance, temperature and diode testing. The settings %, Electric Field, Hold and Relative zero has not been implemented in Datalyse.


Brymen technology corporation

Distributor in Denmark:

A/S S. Frederiksen

Identical multimeters:

Elma BM 202 from Elma A/S.

VC820 and VC840 from  Conrad Elektronic GmbH, Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1, 92240 Hirschau, Germany