Menu in Datalyse

Measure (t, f(t)) on 1 channel
Scan on several channels
Timer, circulation
Radioactivity, T˝
Radioactivity, X˝
Set the switches of the DIG-out unit
Read Scan (Online) from the CBL 2 into Datalyse
Read List (Off-line)
Read Setup (status)

The CBL 2 is connected to the pc with a TI-graph link cable. The cable must be gray, the black cable will not work! The black cable communicates bit wise using dtr, dsr, cts and rts. This requires extra programming not needed for the gray cable.

You can measure on the probes that comes with the logger: voltage, temperature, light irradiance and on the Range sensor. CBL 2 has auto detect for new Vernier-probes. Old Vernier-probes are connected using a converter cable from DIN to CBL. The CBL 2 will automatically calculate the correct value from the voltage of the probe.

When measuring normally the minimum time is 0.2 seconds and max number of measurements is 3000.

When scanning the minimum time is 0,00010 s and max number of measurements is 3000.

The CBL 2 has a number of advanced functions for calculation of data before sending them to the pc. These include:

Calculation of d/dt and d˛/dt˛
Functions for smoothing (noise filtering)
Several types of trigging
From 0% to 100% measurings before the trigger point

Read Scan (Online)

In this menu point a scan is transferred to the table and the graph in Datalyse. CBL 2 beeps ready when the scan is complete. You can check the status of the scan in the memo and interrupt it if necessary.

Read List (Offline)

The CBL 2 can be set to measure offline. In Datalyse this is done by selecting measuring and choosing the trigger setting »Manual«. Then you start measuring in the field by pressing the Start/Stop-button on the CBL 2. Unfortunately the CBL 2 does not save sufficient information to tell if e.g. d/dt or d˛/dt˛ has been measured.

There it is recommended to select »Read List«, having one list read and written to the table in Datalyse. Then select Read List again until every list has been read, which is when the list read last is identical to the first.

When measuring offline it is recommended to log time as well. Otherwise you will not be able to draw the data points as a function of time!

Read Setup, example:

CBL 2 status:
Device code: 5.01120
Last error: 0 see description in the manual
Battery: OK|low|low: 0
Constant ID: 8888
Sample time: 0.00100
Trigger condition: 0
Trigger channel: 0
Post processing: 0
Filter: 0
Num samples: 1000
Record time: 0|1|2: 0
Temperature: 0
Sound: off|on: 1
System state: 1|2|3|4|5|99: 36
Data start: 1
Data end: 1000
System ID: 0.00000

CBL 2 has auto detection of connected probes but you can also use old probes. Their calibration factors are read from the file »Vernier.ini«. See calibration of probes with CBL.

More information about cbl, cbl2 and labpro