DMG demomultimeter

Menu in Datalyse:

Graphical measurement of a value.
Multitable of from 1 to 6 values.

Baud rate 2400, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits. No version command.

The serial cable has a 7 pin din-connector at the device end.

Center = 5 (DB 9)
half past four o'clock = 3 (DB 9)
half past seven o'clock = 2 (DB 9)

The DMG multimeter is constantly measuring resistance, voltage, current and effect (multitasking). You can also use it as a stopwatch. It has 2 commands for measuring voltage. U for effective value and u for momentary value. It also has two commands for measuring current, I for effective value and i for momentary value.

When measuring momentary voltage, u, or momentary current, i, the smallest possible time in Datalyse is 0,2 second. At all other measurings the smallest possible time is 1 second.

You can measure a characteristic impedance as follows:

Connect the voltage supply with the voltmeter and insert a resistance between the positive pole of the supply and the current input of the meter.

Use the area selector of the meter to have the meter display voltage or current, or use the Multitable in Datalyse to measure voltage and current simultaneously.

If you select a (vernier-)probe for graphical measuring, the display of the DMG-multimeter will read the calculated values while measuring, since it is possible to write to the display of the meter from the pc.


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