Fluke multimeters

Fluke 8845 A multimeter

The meter has autorange and 6˝ significant digits

Menu in Datalyse

Graphical measurement

Baud rate 9600, no parity, 2 stop bits, 8 data bits. Command "*IDN?" for version.

You can use a standard null-modem cable or the included RS232C-usb cable.

The meter is capable of measuring VAC, VDC, ADC, AAC, resistance, frekvency, period and component test.

Seriel interface setup - each time

Seriel interface setup - first time only

Fluke 867B multimeter

Menu in Datalyse:

Graphical measurement
Single scope image, this transfers the graphical image of the Fluke.
Running scope, (t,y) - scope.
Copy screen, copies the image on screen to the clipboard.

Baud rate 19200, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits. Command "ID" for version.

You can set the baud rate of the device in »SET UP«.

At »Single scope image« or at »Running scope« about 900 bytes are transferred for each image, which means that an update takes 1-2 seconds. The image consists of 256 values with a resolution of 8 bits. The scope function is good for illustrations but the accuracy is low. Apart from this the meter is very accurate!

The Fluke 867B multimeter with graphical display measures voltage/current,... and frequency simultaneously. The meter has autorange and 5 significant digits. It has a simple control panel with buttons displaying the function in the graphical display.


It is capable of measuring VAC, VDC, mV HiZ (1000 Mohm), ohm, logic, mA/mA, ADC/AAC (both simultaneously), component test (graphical display) and logic.

The cable is connected using infrared, so you need a special cable from Fluke, price 1200 dkr.