Keithley 2000 multimeter

Menu in Datalyse

Graphical measurement

Baud rate 9600, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits. No version command (The software version must be 1991.0). The multimeter is connected to the PC with a regular serial cable

Keithley can measure voltage, current, resistance, period, frequency and temperature. The display has 8 digits and the meter has autorange. You select the function in Datalyse

Pressing SHIFT RS232 enables the the RS-232 interface. RS232 if then shifted from OFF to ON by pressing the right of left key.

Each command from the PC places Keithley in remote state. In remote the front panel keys will be locked out. The Local button takes the instrument out of remote

The more advanced function such as internal scan and trigger is not implemented in Datalyse.