Lambda 2 spectrophotometer

Menu in Datalyse:

Measure at one wavelength
Spectrum, wavelength scan
Baseline, wavelength scan
Zero absorbance, (transmittance)
Release control

You can also use the terminal program in Datalyse with spectrophotometer.

Baud rate 4800, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits.

Wavelength interval: 190 nm - 1100 nm

It is possible to measure absorbance and transmittance and at scan from the 1. to the 4. derivative of the absorbance.

The measuring area is [-6; 6] for absorbance and [-300%; 300%] for transmittance. That is pretty good!


Lambda 2 is a twin ray spectrophotometer with 2 cuvette holders.

The table is not deleted after a scan. It is often useful to have several spectra of the same wavelength interval saved in the same table, by moving column B (the absorbance) to another column, e.g. C, D, E, after every scan. You can move the columns with the mouse.

Perkin-Elmer Corp. Analytical Instruments, Main Ave. (MS-12), Norwalk, CT 06856 U.S.A.