Lux-Meter 3876 with Underwater Sensor

Handheld Underwater Lux-Meter for Aquaculture Freshwater Farming, Hatcheries, Seawater Farming, rivers and laboratory use.

Datalogging 250 sets of measurements, RS232 serial interface for PC or Remote Display. The Hand Instrument incorporates the newest microprocessor technology thus using extremely low energy offering 200-300 hours battery life-time. The Underwater Lux-Sensor are supplies with 10m or 25m cable with meter marks. Other Cable lengths on request.

Menu in Datalyse

Measure (t,f(t))
Read log

Baud rate 9600, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits. Version command: "V".

Wavelength region: 380 - 760 nm
Intensity range: 0 - 300 kLx
Accuracy: 1% of full scale

The sensor is calibrated from the factory and offset and factor are printed on the sensor. If you want to see the calibration values or type new values into the instrument you can do this by selecting Hold and then the Cal menu and then type in the calibration data.

JT electric Ltd.
Faroe Islands