Light Meter RS 180-7133

Menu in Datalyse:

Graphical measurement

Before use the light meter is zeroed as follows:

Put the lid on the light sensor.
Set the area selector on 2000 (200) Lux (FC)
Turn the light meter on
Press zero

Now the light meter has been zeroed and is ready for use.

Note that

At overload the upper segment of 8888 is displayed at under load the lower segment of 8888 is displayed.

If the number is larger than 999 the last digit(s) are displayed in the lower part of the display.

The cable is very simple, it contains only 2 conductors:

Center pin RD receive data, pin 2 on 9 pin connector and pin 3 on 25 pin connector.

Ground shield Signal ground, pin 5 on 9 pin connector and pin 7 on 25 pin connector.

It is not possible to send any data from the pc to the light meter, but the light meter transmits data constantly, about 35 measurings a minute.

See Anemometer AM-4204 if necessary, as this device contains similar electronics.

Baud rate 9600, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits. No version command.