Metex 3650, 3850, 4650, ME-31 roline and MAS-345

Menu in Datalyse:

Graphical measurement

Mastech MAS-345

MAS-345 has 3 digits and auto range. MAS-345 can measure voltage, resistance, diode test, temperature, capacitance and current. The cable is somewhat fragile.

ME-31 roline

ME-31 roline has 3 digits and auto range. The meter uses a standard cable.

Metex M-3650D

Metex M-3650 has 3 digits and no thermo probe. It is the cheapest of the tested devices.

Metex M-3850

When measuring the temperature, no terminal character is send. This means that I have to use the last character in the string, C, as terminal character. It also means that when you are measuring the temperature, you have to select the measuring area before selecting the device in Datalyse, and if you later wish to measure other values, you have to reconnect the device!

Metex M-4650

Metex M-4650 has 4 digits but no thermo probe. This meter has no flaws, just do not activate function /COM!


M-3650D, M-3850, M-4650:

Baud rate 1200, even parity, 1 stop, 7 data bits.

The devices also use DTR (Data Terminal Ready) and RTS (Request To Send). For this reason the terminal program in windows cannot communicate with Metex. It is a shortcoming in the windows terminal program!

There is no version command and the cable is somewhat fragile.

Some Metex meters has a COM-function. Do not activate function / COM on the device. According to the manual, this is a requirement for COMmunication with a pc, but it makes Metex transmit data regularly. Datalyse sends a D whenever a measuring is made.

MAS-345, ME-31:

Baud rate 600, no parity, 2 stop, 7 data bits.