About Datalyse, version 3.7

Datalyse for windows can be used for data collection using the serial port with several different devices. As the Windows user interface is well-known and the program has an extensive online help, students will be able to use Datalyse without much previous instruction. I hope that this makes life in a laboratory both more exciting and a little easier.

It is possible to auto scale the on-screen graph while the program is measuring. As measuring has ended, the mouse may be used for choosing which data to analyze further.

From the main menu you can choose either a device, two devices and more devices, mathematical graph drawing or loading a file. For most devices you have the option of viewing ongoing measurements as both graph or a table. The graphical interface provides the best general view and several tools for analyzing the measurements. Data files are always ASCII-format, meaning that other programs will always be able to read them, e.g. a spreadsheet.

Frederikssund July 2004

Carl Hemmingsen