Turbidity kit from Honeywell

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Graphical measurement
Multitable, all parameters are measured and written to the table.

Baud rate 2400, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits.

The kit can measure turbidity, conductivity and temperature. Turbidity is measured using an infrared LED and two detectors. One detector measures transmission and the other detector scattered light. Turbidity is calculated as scattered intensity divided by transmitted intensity. The FTU value is calculated in Datalyse using a calibration curve in the manual. Conductivity and temperature are also calculated using calibration curves.

Measurement intervals:

Turbidity: [0; 4000 FTU]
Conductivity: [0; 15 mS]
Temperature: [20C; 60C]

Response Time for turbidity is 1.3 seconds and the minimum time interval in Datalyse is set to 2 seconds (30 measurements pr minute). The response time for conductivity is 0.85 seconds and for temperature 0.03 seconds, hence the minimum time interval in Datalyse is set to 1 second.

You can choose between, when you measure a single value in (t, f(t))

Transmitted light
Scattered light

All values are measured in multitable, In this case is the minimum time set to 5 seconds.

The driver is programmed for Eske Bruun, Silkeborg Amtsgymnasium