UNICO UV-spectrophotometer

Menu in Datalyse:

Measure at one wavelength
Spectrum, wavelength scan
Baseline, wavelength scan
Release control

You can also use the terminal program in Datalyse with the spectrophotometer.

Frederiksen (UNICO) spectrophotometer is connected to the pc with a 0-modem cable.

Baud rate 9600, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits.

There is no version command, but handshake at connection. After choosing the device in Datalyse you must press ENT at the spectrophotometer within 2 seconds. The handshake consists in package of chars from UNICO to the PC. The PC reacts and returns a code.

UNICO spectrophotometer does not transmit absorbance or transmittance to the PC! UNICO transmit an energy level. A measurement is calculated using the test level and a reference level.

Measure at one wavelength:

When you have selected wavelength, number of measurement at time per measurement, you are asked to insert a reference cuvette (that means a cuvette with water)

Then you are asked to insert a cuvette with solution

Spectrum and baseline:

UNICO does not have a command for scan. Hence Datalyse performs a scan by first measuring the base line. This scan is placed in column C in the table. At any following scan the base line is automatically subtracted. This method does however require that you measure at the same wavelengths as you did when measuring the base line. UNICO works slowly this way. Choose large steps, e.g. 10 nm to begin with.

Distributor S. Frederiksen