Protek 506, Voltcraft VC506 multimeter

The two devices are identical.

Menu in Datalyse:

Graphical measurement

Baud rate 1200, no parity, 2 stop, 7 data bits.

The cable is a standard cable. There is no version command but Datalyse will make a measurement when selecting the device.

You can gather data when the device displays RS232. You can activate RS232 by pressing »Menu« a number of times until »RS232« is blinking and then pressing »Return«.

The device transmits a maximum of 15 bytes to the pc when measuring. The device responds a little slowly and even slower when measuring frequency or inductance. Hence the minimum time per measurement is 2 seconds when measuring voltage, current, … and 5 seconds when measuring frequency or inductance.

The device has auto range and is capable of measuring voltage, resistance, current, frequency, capacitance, inductance and temperature and testing diodes. Temperature and frequency is in integers.


Voltcraft: Manufacturer

Conrad Elektronic GmbH
Klaus-Conrad- Str. 1
92240 Hirschau