WPA lightwave spectrophotometer

Baud rate 9600, no parity, 1 stop, 8 data bits.

No version command. The cable is specific, the connection is:

2 - 3, 3 - 2, 7 - 8, 8 - 7 and 5 - 5 and the cable is 9 pin female in both ends.

The lightwave consists of diode array with 512 pixels. It can measure in the area 200 nm to 825 nm. Measuring a spectrum takes a few seconds, but WPA has no commands whatsoever! *) 

Data is transferred to Datalyse as follows.

If the received data corresponds to a scan, you can draw a graph using the following procedure.

*) The only way to transfer data to the pc is by pressing the print button on the spectrophotometer, and every time the device is turned on you have to set it up for sending data to a pc and not to a printer.  This is unsatisfactory and a pity.

Improvements since first version:

The user does not have to reset the instrument for PC or printer every time the power is turned on. The unit saves each setting in the Set-up Commands until it is changed by the user.

There is an Auto-print function that can be activated by the user which allows direct transfer of the data to the PC or printer. That eliminates having to press the Print button each and every time after data has been acquired.

But remember, the communication is only uni-directional.